About us

With over 20 years of solid experience in bringing innovative ideas to life, CNIJ would be your partner of choice for any corporate events.

Founded in 1990 by David Pisarevsky and Pini Abecassis; both jewelers then, with a reputation for creative designs. David and Pini decided to combine their knowledge in high quality craftsmanship and unique designs to cater to a growing need in custom made items for all types of events. Joining their efforts with an exceptional team of employees and associates, mostly considered as one large family and each a specialist in their own field, they have decided to create special unique items that can bring forth your place in today’s market by advertising in a special way, your message to the world.

The company has rapidly grown into a multi-million-dollar-a-year business with over ten Million different items and being one of the largest manufacturers in its field. We now have over 100 employees designing, producing and creating custom made items in our local facilities, a China office for outsourcing and a plant in Israel to cater to that market and Europe. We benefit from a large manufacturing capacity that would allow us in certain cases to produce within 72 hours. We have had the pleasure of producing unique gifts for a number of prestigious companies. With over 50,000 distributors across North America, we can cater to all different sizes of companies and events. If you have the event we have the unique products that will make you stand out from the rest.

CNIJ with its several unique patented designs and production processes has certainly made its mark in exceeding its competition. Our manufacturing process is vertically integrated allowing us to create almost anything from the raw material to the finished goods. We specialize in different metals such as lead free pewter, zinc, brass, silver, gold, Eco products and more. At CNIJ, our motto is YES, WE CAN DO IT and with reason as we will take on any challenge. We have an item for every budget from the smallest, to the largest order; we can design and create something unique just for you.

Actively involved in the community, following charity events, CNIJ prides itself in trying to make a difference and continues to be involved for a better future, within our community and abroad. Our service, quality and craftsmanship are beyond compare.

This is why at CNIJ, we say YES, WE CAN DO IT!