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  1. Welcome

    Hello and welcome to CNIJ's new smart website. Take a free tour?

  2. Smart Search Bar

    Go direct to the point.
    Call products or event pages.
    Get new ideas based on your own keywords.
    Find anything and everything faster!

  3. Results here

    Get results right here at you convenience.
    In abscence of search requests, you'll find:
    - Your lasts 3 products viewed
    - A few new items we've just released
    - A few interesting selections or our own

  4. Latest Catalog

    For you to read or download

  5. Express Line

    You wanted it yesterday but you though about it just now? No problems, we got you covered! Build your own quotation from a list of product you've selected. No miss understanding here, your the boss.

  6. Impress them

    Well,... everybody have a boss somewhere. Impress him with a kick ass presentation of your own. Have it printed, as pdf file or as a nitty HTML presentation for your tablet!
    Fare enought?

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    Everytime you feel like it. Send us comments or any possible questions from our secured contact form

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    Even call us right away!

  9. Enjoy!

    We've spend some time trying to get the best experience out of this, with you in mind every step of the way.
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